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Chris Philipps

With nearly 15 years of experience in finance, commercial real estate, and multifamily lending, Chris leads our MultiFi team to provide the best solutions tailored to your unique situation and goals. Chris and the MultiFi team have set out to create the future of multifamily lending, striving to empower borrowers like you with the knowledge, transparency, and expertise to get more out of your multifamily investment.

Prior to launching MultiFi, Chris was responsible for the initial underwriting and quoting of over $26 billion of potential Fannie Mae multifamily production. Chris was also instrumental in launching Berkadia’s Fannie Mae's Small Loans program and Freddie Mac’s Optigo® Small Balance Loans Program. He served as Head of Small Loan Originations, where he managed over $575 million in small loan production, in conjunction with being the Product Manager for Berkadia's multifamily lending technology initiative. Chris's unmatched experience with multifamily financing and innovation gives MultiFi an edge in providing you with the optimal solutions and experience.

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